Lifly distinguishes itself in MEK for its knowledge of MEK, its availability of MEK resources anytime, its quality guarantee of MEK, its price competitiveness of MEK.

Why  Us


EU REACH Certification.

Quality Control

We apply strict operation standards for monitoring our production links, shoretank storaging and export logistic of MEK.


Updating the price and market dynamic periodically.

MEK formula price for Contract or tender business.

Able to meet the our clients demand of perticular packaging.

14 days free time at port of discharge


We have professional engineers for technical support if there's any problem during the process of using MEK

Able to introduce some other petrochemical products other than MEK to our clients, provide other solvent to commingle with MEK in terms of bulk shipment.

About LiFly

Our Qualification

Lifly chemicals is dedicated to MEK with over 15 years experiences. We represent PetroChina to supply its MEK available respectively from its shore tanks in Changzhou Jiangsu province, in Nanjing Jiangsu province, Ex works in Fushun Liaoning province.

MEK of Zibo Qixiang origin is the only second choice Lifly supplies according to customer’s request and we stock it in Lifly’s own tank in Jiangyin Jiangsu province, thus there is no mixture of different origin MEK.
Lifly supply MEK packing in bulk, in isotank, in drums and in IBC.

Our Vision

To be the world-class supplier of MEK, create the global solvents platform for producers, traders and end users for communication, enable the players to know how to use MEK better and make a better environment for MEK marketing.

Our Mission

we are not only committed to supply high-quality MEK to meet customers' requirement and eliminate their concerns,but also devoted ourselves to support customers' procurement decision making by updating lastest and most accurate MEK market situation of Asia origin along with our professional technology support on MEK application.

Hungry to sell and more hungry to have your feedback on our quotation and quality so as to serve you better;

Honest to update you with Asian market MEK price and supply situation;

Humble to set up business cooperation with you.

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